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Go On the Road With Cindy!

Cindy Deekitwong manages marketing and strategy for LOCTITE 3D Printing. She travels the globe talking with customers, partners, and end users of additive manufacturing. Watch as she interviews them.

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3D Printing Makes Robots More Accessible

Henkel LOCTITE 3D Printing recently collaborated with Orgin to 3D print parts for Ghost Robotics new line of robots.   Using an Origin One 3D printer and Henkel Loctite material, Ghost Robotics is now producing end-use parts for its exciting new Spirit series of robots. These highly capable, four-legged robots are...

Henkel Collaborates to Power the Next, Greener Industrial Revolution

In a previous article, we introduced the topic of sustainability and its importance within Henkel. We have a long history of prioritizing the environment in both our products, and our approach towards innovation. It’s been said that additive manufacturing will drive the next industrial revolution. As that vision comes to fruition,...

Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing

While recycling efforts are making headway, there is still much work to be done. Many countries collect and recycle waste improperly and people in many places are unaware of the impact their waste has on the environment. At the same time, most types of plastic take hundreds of years...